Savana's Story

A Worthy Cause

Savana Sturgill age 26 was a vibrant young mother of 2 beautiful children.  Who up until now, was a very active member in the Piermont community, a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and she worked as a private aid for a local handicapped woman who she took great care of. 

A little family background, if you are not familiar with who Savana is perhaps you know her family.  Savana is a member of the eminent Lynch Family of Piermont.  She is the granddaughter of the late Easter and Leroy Lynch and the daughter of Wendy, a life-long resident of Piermont.  

Unfortunately, one morning late October while getting up for work, Savana awoke and found she was unable to breathe. She called for her mom, who discovered large lumps on her body and rushed her immediately to the hospital.  After extensive testing, Savana was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive combined form of T3 Leukemia and Lymphoma, 2 cancers rendering her unable to work.  The tumors were so big they were pressing on her lungs making it difficult to breathe and wrapped around her ventricles restricting her heart.  She has been hospitalized ever since that day at Westchester Medical Center.   Because Savana’s cancer is so complicated, she has had several set-backs.  As a side effect of some treatments, she has lost all her muscle mass and the ability to walk on her own.  

However, Savanna’s biggest struggle is the fact that she does NOT have Health Insurance.   Savana’s job did not provide coverage, nor could she to afford to pay for it herself.  Upon hospital admittance, her family requested she receive emergency Medicaid and was turned down by hospital staff and told it is only given to illegal immigrants.  Therefore, because she was born in American, she has had to apply multiple times for coverage, each being rejected for one reason or another.  Every time you apply there is a 90 day wait on approval.  Why is this a problem you may ask?  Savana’s medical needs are changing rapidly due to the severity of her stage 4 cancer.  However, she cannot be sent to the places that provide the best treatment plan for her because she is not insured, effecting her health even more. Meanwhile her medical bills are mounting daily as she sits in limbo waiting for help. 

It is vital that Savana gets the treatment she needs from the proper physicians who specialize in her particular type of cancer.  However, without insurance coverage this WILL NOT happen.  The quality of life Savana and her children’s live depend on her getting the proper care she needs.  Her small children, family and community she loves and cherishes need her to get well.  We ask that you please help however you can.  In any way you can.

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